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The Winery

The Lobban Wines winery, aka Bodega La Pamelita, began to take shape in July 2005 when work started to refurbish an old neglected winery in the sleepy The Winerycatalan village St Jaume Sesoliveres. Finally in 2006 all the necessary permits were granted and work began producing these unique sparkling wines.


The winery is a small sparkling wine facility and as such grapes and the expensive processing equipment are not required. I make the base wines for La Pamelita and La Rosita elsewhere and bring them here by tanker. This wine is blended with a healthy yeast culture, some nutrients and sugar, bottled and closed with crown seals. This is called tirage. The bottles of tirage are stored horizontally for a minimum of 18 months during which time the yeast ferment, the added sugar producing carbon dioxide (the bubbles) and different flavours are produced.

Shaking Cradles!

When the wine is ready for release it has to be cleaned up by the expulsion of the yeast cells and sweetened to the required level. As with any winery producing Champagne or Cava, Bodega La Pamelita has shaking cradles and tables for the riddling and remuage processes, a walk in cold room to chill the wine before disgorging , a neck freezer which chills wine to -23ºC, a dosing machine where sugar and sulphur dioxide are added, a machine which applies corks and muselets and a very small laboratory.

Smallest in Spain

Bodega La Pamelita is only 100 square metres and since this is the legal minimum for any sparkling wine facility governed by the quality sparkling wine denomination, it is one of the smallest in Spain – currently stored here are 15,000 bottles of red La Pamelita and pink La Rosita tirage from 3 different years. All the sparkling process is performed manually here using the age old artesanal techniques and as such each bottle is an individual hand crafted product – drink and enjoy.

Cellar door sales are encouraged and you are very welcome to visit and taste. More Information

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